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News Analysis

You can think of our News Analysis project as a “student-driven Snopes.” Students work with their classes to find news stories that reach them through social media or popular websites and then analyze the truth of the particular article, and add professional or disciplinary context where necessary. Importantly, they do this in the context of wiki (more on that later).

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We want students to analyze stories from all disciplines, whether true or false. Is it the warmest year on record? Does eating chocolate mitigate cancer risk? Did three million undocumented immigrants vote in the last election?

Since this is a wiki, students should also look to improve other students articles – particularly those of students not from their class. Part of our plan to fight political polarization is to utilize the consensus strength of wiki, which pushes people to try to summarize the consensus of a community of experts rather than simply argue a side.

Writers and editors must read the News Analysis Style Guide before writing or editing news analysis on the wiki.

Before writing, you may also wish to read our Sample Articles which demonstrate the style against a number of different topics.

How to Add an Analysis

If a link doesn't exist under add a link to the top of the “Newest Claims” section below (no need to add explanatory text, just the title). Make the link by putting your page name in between double square brackets like this:

[[ Duke University Training Students for Anti-Trump Activism]]

Save the page, scroll down and clink the link.

Newest Claims

How to Find Something to Analyze

Go to Open Claims and find a red link.

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