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Welcome to the Digital Polarization Initiative

The Digital Polarization Initiative is an attempt to build student web literacy by having students participating in a broad, cross-institutional projects around issues of digital polarization.

The primary purpose of this wiki is to provide a place for students to fact-check, annotate, and provide context to the different news stories that show up in their Twitter and Facebook feeds. It's like a student-driven Snopes, but with a broader focus: we don't aim to just investigate myths, but to provide context and sanity to all the news – from the article about voter fraud to the health piece on a new cancer treatment.

See Latest News Analysis

This wiki will also form a hub for other resources around political polarization in a net-mediated world. For more information on each subproject choose one of the options below or click on the option on the side menu.

This initiative is spearheaded by Mike Caulfield with support from the American Democracy Project of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. If you or your class would like to participate, contact

Have Your Class Join an Initiative Subproject!

We invite any and all college classes to join any of the subprojects, whether or not you are an AASCU member. For the moment, if you have an edu email, you should be able to register for the site.

If you don't have an edu email and would like to register, or if you have other questions, contact

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